What is Remote IT Support and What are the Advantages?

Remote IT support monitors your critical systems and all your computer components. It also includes help desk assistance. Certified technicians access your computer systems using network connections to proactively assess their health and security around the clock without being physically onsite. Additionally, a team of technical engineers are available to help resolve your IT issues over chat, phone, or email.

What are the advantages of Remote IT Support for your business?

    1. Remote Monitoring Increases Cybersecurity

Managed IT support companies have the ability to remotely monitor your IT infrastructure 24/7, which enables them to know what your computer systems are doing. The information gathered protects your confidential data from hackers and cyberattacks. It also provides information that assist IT engineers to identify ways to increase your system’s agility and reduce your costs.

    1. Remote Help Desk Saves Time & Resources

Managed IT support companies have experienced and highly trained engineers that are available all day, every day to help resolve your IT issues quickly and efficiently. This significantly reduces the time and resources you have to spend troubleshooting computer and network issues, which increases the time and resources you have to spend on your business.

    1. Remote Service Plans Save you Money

Managed IT support companies customize their remote service plans to meet your business’ needs. This means you pay for what you need, not what you don’t. Tailored plans provide companies of all sizes with the ability to maintain optimal equipment, network and computer speeds, communication, and security.

Not all managed IT support companies offer the same level of expertise, security, availability, and customizable plans. Integrinet IT offers 24/7 network monitoring using industry standard software. Our goal is to proactively prevent security breaches and handle your IT issues intelligently and quickly.

Integrinet IT provides the following services:

  • Continuous assessment of server system status, including load, performance trends, and disk health.
  • Automatic notification of error events or conditions in the hard drives and other key system components.
  • Status of antivirus protection.
  • Success or failure of backup jobs.
  • Internet availability and up-time.

Integrinet IT’s server monitoring service provides the following feedback by way of alerts and reports. With this feedback, your Integrinet IT engineers are aware of concerns before they escalate. Chat with us today (bottom right corner) to set up a free assessment of your company’s IT needs.

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